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The joys of family life - well my family, anyway:-

The exercise programme is going well - pedometer arrived yesterday. I'm only normally doing around 5000 steps per day - should be doing around 10000 so no wonder I'm as unfit as I am. Am aiming to gradually build up my daily total till I reach the 10000 mark. Meanwhile I've cut back on my food intake during the day and I don't eat anything after 7pm and am sleeping like a log!

Jamie had his first exam yesterday - English - thinks he did ok. Biology on Wednesday - I'm a nervous wreck and he's definitely feeling the pressure too. It's his 18th birthday today and he doesn't even want to celebrate - just a family meal at home.

Hadn't seen our cat, Murphy, since Wednesday. He's outdoors nearly all the time when the weather starts to brighten up but he usually comes home at least once a day for his food and we were starting to get a bit concerned. Put a note through our neighbours' doors and within half an hour one of them from 4/5 houses down the street brought him home. So relieved - turns out she retired in January and is now at home all day - we're all out at work or school though he can use the catflap - and he spends the day with her, has his own chair and everything! She offered to chase him away if he turns up at her door again but, if they're both happy I can live with him having 2 places to go. At least we know where to go first if he disappears again.
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