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It's almost a year since I opened my account and I haven't really made much use of my journal. I don't write fic and as my life isn't really that interesting to anybody but me, I've hardly made any posts. I've decided that, it's my journal and whether anybody else reads it or not, this year I'm going try and post more.

To spare you details, I've even done a cut post - I hope.

Yesterday, I got a real fright. I've always been heavy but the last few years since I stopped smoking, I've really piled the weight on and, mostly, it's not what I eat but the fact that I do absolutely no exercise. And it's like a vicious circle, the more I weigh, the less I can do. I had really started to get concerned about my health so yesterday, in advance of starting an exercise programme, I measured all my bits. Bloody Hell!!! To see the actual figures written down was absolutely terrifying and I think, finally, made me realise how far I'd let myself go. Not that I've never looked in a mirror or anything but the numbers really brought it home to me.

Anyway, today I started the exercise programme - a hour's fairly gentle work out and I felt a bit achy after but also felt really good. I've to do this twice a week and some cardiovascular/aerobic exercise 2/3 times a week. So my hubby bought me a pedometer and we're going to go for walks in the evenings and try to build up my fitness. He's been really concerned about me, too and is just happy that I'm finally doing something about it.

The third strand to all this is me watching what I eat. Anyway, I'm feeling really positive about this and hoping that it will last. Me posting is another way of encouraging myself to do this - by making it public.

Moving on to other news, my son Jamie starts his 6th(and final school)year exams on Friday. He has to get a B and 2C's to get into the University course that he wants and he's been studying really hard. The results won't come out till August but I'd be grateful for any good wishes you could send his way.
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